Our Mission

Welcome to Middlesbrough Catholic Schools’ Partnership, we are a group of twelve schools who are committed to working in partnership to improve outcomes for our children.

We have strong links with other local Alliances and Middlesbrough Diocese. Learning is at the heart of all our work.

The Partnership consists of a wide variety of partners drawn from across the education sector. This ensures a range of expertise for all partners to share and for other schools to buy into through school to school support.

All schools who are members of Middlesbrough Catholic Schools\’ Partnership benefit from effective support to improve learning outcomes for pupils and continued professional development (CPD) of teachers and potential teachers.

This is achieved through:

  • Improved professional development opportunities for staff
  • Access to a wide range of professional support from other teachers
  • Recruitment and retention of talented staff, including NQTs
  • Additional income from traded activities
  • Cost savings through shared functions
  • Access to grants to support Teaching Schools
  • Improved leadership and teaching standards which yield improved outcomes for children